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Soy and Milk-free Protein Powders

Protein drinks

There are a variety of soy and dairy-free protein powders. Their base is typically, hemp, pea, chia seed, and/or rice. They are generally vegan, corn free, and gluten free too.

Often times, if I know I’m going to be out and about and would otherwise be at the mercy of a fast food joint unless I armed myself with food from home, I’ll take along a protein shake as a snack or meal.  I usually use cold vanilla almond milk mixed with a scoop or two of one of the above protein powders. Depending on the taste of the powder, I may just use water, or part water/part juice.

I use a shaker bottle that contains a wire ball that looks like part of a whisk:

Shaker Cups

These shaker bottles do a great job mixing up clumpy protein powder with your liquid of choice.

I found these bottles at

Some of these protein powders claim to have between 12-20 grams of protein in each serving! This is great news for me…the protein is what sustains me and keeps me mentally sharp. Beware…these protein things are EXPENSIVE…One container usually goes for $20-25. But, I justify the expense when I think about how much I would pay for the equivalent number of meals/snacks while eating out…as well as the allergic reaction I’d have to endure afterwards. Totally worth it.

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  1. Ooooo….love the bottles!


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