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A Great Launch!


A Soy and Milk-Free Life blog received 180 hits within a day-and-a-half of launching it! Crazy, huh? Several friends shared the link to their friends (yes, I have great friends), and they shared the link to their friends, and so on. Not many actually subscribed to the blog, so perhaps my Facebook friends really just wanted to see what I was up to! Just about everyone knows someone with allergies to milk or soy, so perhaps the word will spread about my blog and the people who need this information and encouragement will subscribe. In the meantime, Facebook will have to help me spread the word.

My Vision for A Soy and Milk-Free Life

Where would I like this blog to go? In the short term, I want to hit the basics, and share alternatives to soy and milk products for day-to-day living. I’m a busy single working mom of a finicky toddler and I don’t have much time to cook from scratch. In the coming weeks, I’ll be looking to find snacks, meals, and desserts that are soy-free and milk-free, and I’ll dutifully report my finds to you. I’ll be reading countless labels (with camera in hand) to find soy-free cosmetics, hair products, skin care, and household goods, so you don’t have to. I’d like to educate myself about why so many people have soy and milk allergies…and pass that along as well. I also want to leave it open for the site to breathe into whatever form it needs to as we go. We’ll just have to see where this journey takes us…

In the long term, I hope to build relationships with food, household goods, cosmetic, and skin care companies. Perhaps with a large enough following, this blog can be a voice that will influence decisions that companies make about ingredients in their products. Yes, I think big. Let’s think big together!

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  1. Congrats to such a big launch! Keep up the good work Rena! Milk-less cheers!


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