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Hooray for In N Out! Soy-free and milk-free options


Thank God for In N Out.

A few days ago, my brother and I went to lunch. We were both craving a burger and fries and after my recent research about the menus of McDonald’s and Jack in the Box (see last week’s blogs), I was afraid to go to ANY fast food joint. I am learning that most fast food menu items are universally made with soy. I plan to write a blog soon with a comprehensive summary of how to order soy and milk free at most Southern California fast food joints. Until I finish my research, I will worry about eating out anywhere, else my body revolt against me after partaking in the quietly soy-laced food.

Last week, I mourned the loss of french fries in my diet after having an allergic reaction to the fries at Jack in the Box. Those things are usually made with soy and/or fried in soybean oil. However, In N Out has come to the rescue. The fries are freshly cut from potatoes, right at the store, and fried in COTTONSEED OIL. The frier is only used for the fries, so you don’t need to worry about cross-contamination. The french fries are safe! Whew.

You’ll need to order the hamburger protein style (using lettuce in place of a bun). The bun contains soy, but no dairy. But read on. The hamburger patties themselves are safe too. But, when you order, tell them you have allergies. They will clean a dedicated grill for you as well as the spatula to avoid cross-contamination. Beware that the spread is mayo-based, so it contains soy, and it contains a dairy ingredient. You may request ketchup instead.

So, this was my order: “I have an allergy to dairy and soy. I need a protein burger (no cheese) with no spread, but added ketchup, and an order of fries. And a diet coke.” They are pretty serious about the allergy burgers and the staff seemed happy to accommodate my request. The burger was tasty. I’m so glad! In N Out has always been my favorite, anyway.

My brother’s order was a completely different story…as a former In N Out employee, he knew to order a 2 X 4 (two patties and four slices of cheese). Fortunately, we don’t share the allergic-to-soy-and-milk gene.

Happy eating, fast foodies!


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  1. The other option for fast food is chick fil A. Both their fries and their breaded nuggets are soy free, plus they have fruit bowls. It’s unfortunate to have to frequent such an evil organisation, but with a young child sometimes it is the only choice for something hot, and sometimes the only choice at all (esp when travelling!)

  2. You’re happy that the fries are fried in cottonseed oil? Is this a joke? Have you any idea how toxic cottonseed oil is? Obviously not. Cotton isn’t even a food first of all. Smh.

    • There are lots of oils that are plant based, such as sunflower seed oil. I know nothing of cottonseed oil so maybe you can post a link to a site we should all read. Thanks for your resources, I have a 5 year old with a dog allergy and it’s in everything

  3. I love in n out, and was so happy they don’t fry in soy!

    I was bummed that there is soy in their buns, spread, cheese and chocolate syrup though! No more chocolate shales for this girl.

  4. An increasing concern these days is ‘high fructose corn syrup’. Cardiologists call it poison and advise us to avoid it. I can’t find any information on your ingredients about it. Do you use it in anything?

  5. Mayo does not contain dairy. And if you look at their spread packages you will see the allergies listed is egg. No dairy in it all.

  6. Subway salads Vinegar and oil. They told me their oil is canola and olive blend!

  7. Thank god for in and out my heart was broke when I had to give up fries, but once again we have become one lol the only thing you should also not do is sodas because the have a soy based product in them Benzote nasty stuff, I can normally handle one but pay for it some later, thanks for the info eat well and stay healthy

  8. I was so excited when I first started reading this until I realized I still can’t eat there because I’m allergic to meat. :p

  9. Thank you so much for posting this. I have just been diagnosed with a soy and peanut allergy. On top of that I am lactose intolerant so it makes going out to eat really seriously difficult. I’ve actually been a bit depressed about it. Today I was in a hurry and stopped at a Burger King not even thinking about it and am paying for it now. I break out in hives that last for days and am usually in an itchy haze 😦 I have been avoiding most restaurants but today I was just in a hurry and didn’t have time to pack a lunch. I need to be more careful from now on. Thank you so much for this post! There really needs to be more allergy information for restaurants!!!!!

    • Helen, I saw your excited reply to this initial blog post about In-N-Out being soy friend. PLEASE, as a person who is allergic to soy as well, IN-N-OUT IS NOT SOY-FREE!!!!! The original post is WRONG! I spoke directly with Corporate offices of In-N-Out to find out if this was true. It is NOT! In-N-Out DOES include SOY in some of their products. Here is the list: Chocolate Shake, Hamburger Buns, Hamburger Spread/Sauce, & the Cheese. To avoid their soy, you could do as I do and simply make a hamburger “salad”. Order a “double” (2 hamburger patties) “Protein Style”, with no spread, but add mustard (it does NOT contain a sugar that could possibly be genetically engineered, such as beet sugar). I also ask them to add extra tomatoes, onions and pickles to get more vegetables. I hope that helps. But, by all means, do NOT just go into In-N-Out and order without knowing which of their items has the soy. It saddens me that responders to the initial erroneous blog post don’t read through these other replies to learn that In-n-Out in fact DOES have soy in its products.

      • Maria – you’ll be happy to know I edited the blog since your last comment, so the blog is no longer in error.

      • So glad to hear you made the correction in the original post. Soy allergies aren’t something to mess around with…well, any allergy for that matter. Thanks for making the corrections!!!!!!!! And thanks for your heart in trying to help others!!!! Maria

  10. My son has a dairy allergy & I’m nursing so i cannot eat it. I’m at In & Out right now & the Manager just showed me the secret sauce pack that says it contains DAIRY so I don’t know who your source was but they are WRONG.

  11. Thanks for your article. I have been in “talks” with In-N-Out Burger. I am so disgusted with the food industry’s obsession with soy, that I thought I should contact my favorite fast food place and ask about their ingredients…in all their products. SADLY, I was extremely disappointed on 2 fronts: 1) In-N-Out will NOT tell you all of the ingredients in their items (buns, shakes, etc.) because they say, “That is proprietary”. Wait, shouldn’t we know what we’re eating. Food labeling on packages in the grocery stores is a law…why is it not with Fast Food Chains? They said, “If you want to ask me if a specific ingredient is in our products, we can tell you that.” But, that’s absolutely ridiculous since I want to know every chemical in the item, but can’t sit on the phone and list every FOOD CHEMICAL in the UNIVERSE to the In-N-Out folks, just to see if there’s something I may not want to eat. I did play their “game” and started with Sugar in the Hamburger Buns. In-N-Out said, “Yes, there’s sugar.” I asked, “What kind of sugar.” She said, “Granulated Sugar.” I said, “What KIND of sugar: Beet sugar, Sugar from Corn?” She said, “I don’t know…I’ll have to do research on that and get back to you.” REALLY?!!!! They don’t even know their product ingredients?! Some people who are ALLERGIC TO CORN need to KNOW THIS!!!! But, they can’t tell the public what type of sugar they use?!!! I moved on and asked about SOY. They listed off a litany of products with soy in it that they sell at their stores: Chocolate Milk Shake, Buns, Cheese, Spread, etc. 90% of Soy is GENETICALLY ENGINEERED! And it is what’s causing THYROID DISEASES since it is an Estrogen. Then I discovered the French Fries are fried in COTTONSEED OIL! Do your homework – Cottonseed Oil is Genetically Engineered also!!! GMO FOODS ARE CANCER CAUSING!!!!!
    2) In-N-Out proudly states on their website and in emails to me: “Quality is Everything!” and “Since 1948, we have been committed to providing the highest quality ingredients to our customers…” If they were “Committed” to providing quality ingredients, they would OMIT all forms of SOY (which is so detrimental to the body: weight gain, thyroid issues, hormonal disruptions, cancer causing), OMIT SUGAR that’s NOT derived from CANE since BEET SUGAR IS GENETICALLY ENGINEERED and cancer causing, and they would OMIT COTTONSEED OIL since it too is GENETICALLY ENGINEERED and cancer causing!

    I, for one, and TIRED of restaurants utilizing poor ingredients as a staple in producing their products and then touting that they are “committed to quality ingredients”.

    In-N-Out Burger was the last and only Fast Food restaurant me and my husband would visit, but we will now be bypassing them as well…until they: 1) Use Rice Bran Oil instead of Cottonseed, 2) Use Rice Flour or Wheat Flour in their buns, instead of Soy Flour, 3) Make sure the sugar in their buns and shakes is from CANE, NOT Genetically Engineered Beet Sugar, 4) Use REAL CHEESE with NO SOY or Canola (also a GMO food), 5) Use Mayonnaise for their spread that contains Safflower Oil, instead of Soy, and 6) Start being more forthright in listing ingredients in their products instead of requiring the consumer to ramble off a list of chemicals in order to find out what’s in their products. That’s INSANE!

    We all need to start eating more at home with WHOLE, ORGANIC, LOCAL, FRESH INGREDIENTS!

  12. You just saved me!! We live in Northern Californian and my 8 year old daughter is soy and dairy allergic. Finding places to eat out is very difficult although Carl’s Jr. and Red Robin seem to be safe in a pinch. This morning I received a call from my daughter at school saying she left her lunch in the carpools’ trunk and he works an hour away. There is NO Carl’s Jr. between work and the school but there is an In & Out. Thank you for your post because their allergen info is not online.

    • Hi Lynda,
      Remember that In-N-Out DOES include SOY in some of their products. Here is the list: Chocolate Shake, Hamburger Buns, Hamburger Spread/Sauce, & the Cheese. Your daughter could simply do as I do and make a hamburger “salad”. Order a “double” (2 hamburger patties) “animal style”, with no spread, but add mustard (it does not contain a sugar that could possibly be genetically engineered, such as beet sugar). I also ask them to add extra tomatoes and pickles to get more vegetables. I hope that helps.

  13. We are traveling to southern California and I’m doing a little prep work to find out where I can eat! Thank you so much for the info and In n Out here we come!

  14. Oh, I love In-N-Out. I’ve always enjoyed it (my hubby works there), but now that I’m gluten and dairy free…it’s my safety net. If I’m out on a job, nearly always there’s an In-N-Out. Craving for fries? I can safely eat there without too much concern.
    I’d love to know how you came upon your diagnosis? Trial and error? Or was there any allergy testing done?
    Thanks for encouraging us all!

    • I’m with you, Christine! It’s so nice have have a safer go-to restaurant for our greasy/salty cravings!

      You might be interested to see the video on the home page of this blog explaining how I discovered my sensitivities to soy and milk. Basically, I tried various foods I suspected were the culprits and tested them. Then I discovered that the soy in my skin products and makeup caused additional itchiness. This is the conclusion I made when my skin felt like it was on fire after applying vitamin E (pure soy oil) to my face for a few nights in a row.

      Anyhoo–I wish you the best on your wellness journey!

  15. Deanne Mattice

    Thank you for doing a little research. I’m avoiding soy products due to it’s estrgenic properties. I have to remember about the spread.

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  17. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately there are no in-n-out burger location in Indiana. DS has a severe dairy allergy too. We have found that many fast food restaurants use milk derived products in their fries to make them crispier. Fries at McDonald’s and Wendy’s are definitely out. We also comb through all the ingredients list for the hidden dairy ingredients. It’s been an eye opening, educational experience for our family. I’m not sure if they have them by you, but Applebee’s here are very good about his dairy allergy. They cook their meats on a dedicated grill and do not add toppings on that grill.

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  19. I’m so happy to hear that, Rena! For all our sakes. I love In N Out and would be distressed not to be able to get a soy-free burger anywhere. And my dairy issues are limited to liquid milk only, so I can have cheese!

  20. Yay! The best news ever! : ) Now, to get In-n-Out to come to Florida!


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