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Can’t Avoid Soy and Milk at Arby’s

I’m starting this blog while watching my brother devour his Arby’s Roast Beef sandwich.

When I arrived here I hadn’t done any research about the ingredients in the menu and planned to take a few moments to search for the allergen statement online. However, before this, I asked the clerk if he had an allergy statement…he wasn’t sure but tore off a piece of paper from a large pad and asked if that was it. Yes! Good for you, Arby’s! All allergens are highlighted in an easy to read format. See pic:



Trouble is, now I know that we soy and milk free folk can’t eat anything at this restaurant except a few condiments. Boo. Not surprising, I suppose, after all the research I’ve done so far about fast food restaurants (see my other blogs over the last two weeks). Fast food eating is apparently a thing of the past for us…with the exception of In N Out protein burger (without sauce) and fries. God bless In N Out.

So here I sit, drinking my Diet Coke (with a shot of Dr Pepper) which will have to do for now until I get home within the hour. Hmph.

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  1. What about Arby’s meat without the bun? They don’t break it down that far.

  2. Amy Donahue Benét

    Can you elaborate? I was told if you order the turkey and Swiss without Swiss or mayo it is dairy/soy free.

  3. Arbys has a different allergen menu listing what is in everything not just saying soy.
    I used to be vegan, but not anymore. 😦
    Anyway when I go there I order the Turkey Bacon Ranch on Marble Bread (No Soy, it’s the Ruben Bread) You could just say no Cheese/Ranch.

    Good luck, I know Allergies suck!! Love your blog.

  4. Actually I checked the ingredients list, (, and the roast beef is fine – it’s their buns that have the allergens. SO, even though it’s a pain, if you have take-out (we’re going tonight for a school fundraiser), I’ll just have them leave the bun off the sandwich. It is a pain, but I have learned to make all kinds of things “vegan”. (It’s the easiest title to look for, because it covers all her allergies). My blog has a few recipes if your interested, and there are some great bloggers writing about Raw eating. (Uncooked foods). It can be challenging, but it’s definitely healthier when your eating more single item foods, or cooking yourself!

  5. Jessie Harsin

    I was ill for 30 years. They kept telling me I was a celiac because of the symptoms. It was soy in any form, no matter how refined. If you want to eat out try Five Guys Hamburgers. The bun is not safe, and of course some of the condiments aren’t safe (mayo, etc.) but just about everything else is. It’s all cooked in peanut oil, so if you have a nut allergy don’t go.
    I have allergies to eggs, chicken, turkey, as well as a “sensitivity to soy and milk and have had no problem avoiding these items at Five Guys.

    There is a great mayonaise that is soy free and egg & milk free: Vegenaise Soy-Free.
    There is a great margarine: Earth Balance Soy Free, milk free
    They made my life much easier.

    Best of luck to you all with the soy problem. It’s not easy, but it’s getting better as awareness improves.

    • How did you find out you couldn’t eat all those things? I suspect I am allergic to soy, and they have out ruled Celiac. I was vegan for a while, and still sick so it can’t be eggs or milk, but OMG all the soy I was eating.

  6. Just had the same thing happen. Just found out late in life that I am allergic to soy and thought it was no big deal until I found that nearly everything prepared has soy in it. Frozen foods, bread, I also have several other food allergies which even adds to the difficulty. One bright side is that after removing all these allergens from my diet, I lost 30 pounds!

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