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I just created a new page: Blogs and Websites I Love.

I will be storing all my favorite links to blogs and websites about allergies, living soy-free, living dairy-free, and other relevant topics at this new page. Visit the “Blogs and Websites I Love” tab regularly to check out the new resources.

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  1. I feel like I am reading my life to a “t”! Thankyou so much for sharing all of this. I think you just saved my life! Thankyou ❤

  2. Do you know if cellulose is often made from soy? I thought I saw something on your site indicating such a thing but I can’t find it now. Rennet used in goat’s cheese is often made of soy by the way. Bummer.

  3. Rena, Oh thank you so much for these recipes. I thought I would never be able to eat chocolate again. I was looking for some other information here and I saw the chocolate chips and the recipes. You made my day. I am in Mexico City right now and it is really challenging to buy groceries free of soy. There isn’t anything like a Whole Foods here. So even though people are aware of dairy and soy allergies, there is little support in buying appropriate food items. A young worker in one of the Superama Markets was able to show me that salt free butter is soy free. She was aware that all the salted butters they sold, from Mexico, Spain and Italy contained soy (soya or soja in Spanish and soia in Italian). We are really lucky to live in the USA.

  4. Hi,
    I too am allergic to soy and dairy (apparently only the cow variety luckily, but it still rules out most food I don’t make myself and any cosmetics with dairy). I found this blog particularly helpful as I have been wondering about my cosmetics ever since Estee Lauder discontinued the Revelation Moisturizer at the start of last year and I haven’t found anything I don’t react to since (other than creams bought from pharmacies like sorbolene (QV brand), which are mostly too heavy for the face and give me breakouts). So since reading your article and identifying the ingredients that could contain soy and dairy I went to Estee Lauder customer help department armed with my new knowledge only to find that all of their current moisturizers contain soy but Revelation (now discontinued) didn’t contain soy or dairy, needless to say I am disappointed. So I am on the hunt now for a high end moisturizer without soy and dairy from other brands (will let you know how I go), I may even attempt to find an eye cream (these are usually riddled with soy/Vit E).

    However, the good news I discovered from Estee Lauder is that their Double Wear Foundation has no soy or dairy!! So glad I can continue using it as it is one of the best foundations around that gives you all day coverage (I know some mineral makeup brands don’t tend to give all day flawless coverage), my friends are always commenting on how my face still looks perfect after a full 12hrs (and I live in the Middle East where people tend to sweat their makeup right off, but not me!).

    Anyway thanks for posting about this, it has helped be significantly and I will update you on my moisturizer search when I find the perfect one. Will also share some of my dairy and soy free recipes (have a great one for chocolate cake!)


    • What great news, Ashley!! I’m so happy to hear my blog has helped you. I agree, the mineral makeup does not give all day flawless coverage — and I really need that for my discolored and acne-scarred skin. I will definitely be checking out Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation…tomorrow!

      And, yes! I’d love to hear about your moisturizer search as well as your dairy and soy free recipes. Thanks so much, Ashley!


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