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A Handy Collection of Fast Food Allergen Statements

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3 1/2 months ago, had someone asked me if I consumed soy, I would have said, “No. Except when I occasionally eat Japanese food…edamame and/or sushi with soy sauce.” I didn’t eat tofu and I didn’t drink soy milk or use soy-based products.

Yet, in January of this year, I figured out I was allergic to soy (after already dealing with an allergy to milk products for a year). Momentarily, I wasn’t too worried about eliminating soy from my diet, because I thought I didn’t eat very much of it. However, since then I’ve rapidly discovered soy is in nearly everything I used to eat regularly. I threw away bags and bags of items containing soy from my pantry. I am a very busy gal – single mom with a full time job – so cooking my meals at home was not always a convenient option…So…I guess you would have called me a fast foodie, even though I did my best to order the healthiest options at various fast food restaurants. Little did I know, I was allergic to ingredients in every meal I ordered at every fast food restaurant I frequented.

It turns out it is quite difficult to avoid soy and milk while eating at most of these joints. Soy is a common ingredient in the sauces, marinades, salad dressings, seasonings, frying oil, and breads. Plus, the meats are marinated in sauces with soy, and they likely come from animals that are soy-fed. I JUST learned that super-allergic-to-soy people can get anaphylactic and need an epi-pen from ingesting meat and eggs from soy-fed animals (Thank you, SprinklesandAllergies). Of course, most of the entrees also contain contain milk ingredients, making it even harder for many of us to order.

You will see, most fast food restaurants will not have a soy- and milk-free option for those of us who need it. However, someone pouring over the ingredients list and allergy statements at each of these restaurants (see below) might be able to get creative with what they order. You could really test the idea of them “Making it your way”, but beware of cross contamination with the grill and frying oil. I’ve only found one place to easily order a presumably soy- and milk-free entree: In-N-Out (see my blog about this: Hooray for In-N-Out! Soy- and Milk-Free Options).

Anyway, after spending WAY too much time figuring out how/if I could eat fast food anymore, I have collected nutritional and allergy statements for the major fast food joints I frequented. I thought I’d post these statements in one easy-to-access place in case someone else is on the same journey as I am. It turns out, after all my research,  I’ve found I really can’t eat at fast food joints anymore (save In-N-Out) and so I do my best to cook at home, bring my lunch to work, and order carefully at non-fast-food restaurants.

I hope this list is helpful to someone out there! This list will continue to grow as time goes on and I collect more nutrition and allergy statements (in pdf form – feel free to download and print these). I’ve learned that not all fast food restaurants have allergy statements on their websites…that really must change. Don’t you think?

For more detailed tips about eating allergy-free while dining out, I recommend the site, AllergyEats – Your Online Guide to Allergy Friendly Restaurants.

In Wellness!

Nutrition and Allergy Statements for Major Fast Food Restaurants

Arby’s Nutrition and Allergen Info – Also see my blog about Arby’s: Can’t Avoid Soy and Milk at Arby’s

Burger King Product List for those with Gluten Sensitivities

Burger King Menu and Ingredients List 

Carl’s Junior Menu. As of 4-29-12, Carl’s Junior has not posted a allergy statement, however, they do post “Alternative Options” which includes a gluten-free burger.

Green Burrito Allergen Info

In-N-Out Food Quality Statement – Also see my blog about In-N-Out: Hooray for In-N-Out! Soy- and Milk-Free Options

Jack In The Box Ingredients List – Also see my blog about Jack in the Box: “Welcome to Jack in the Box. May I take your order?”

McDonalds Ingredients List – Also see my blog about McDonald’s: McDonald’s Soyland

Popeye’s Nutrition and Allergens List

Taco Bell Allergens List

Wendy’s Allergens List

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  1. Thank you for posting this!! My husband just found out he is highly allergic to soy (after multiple hopitalizations from reactions). This has been extremely helpful for us in our journey to live soy free! Although I am not allergic to soy, I am trying to avoid it with him 🙂 Thank you again for sharing!! 🙂

  2. Im looking at the bigger picture, not saying to all who are allergic to soy don’t matter because it does matter. But like you said almost every fast foods food contain either soy or soy oil. And im starting to notice that almost every food product at a local grocery store or trader joes contain soy. There are food companies that dont even mention their product contains soy but it really does. I get it, soy is a healthy protein choice but its not the only way to consume healthy protein. Now back to the bigger picture, there are studies that too much soy for both men and women is not entirely healthy. There are concerns. Besides the roomers of having male breasts, there are true statistics that it does decrease sperm concentration and increase memory loss, estrogen and heart problems. Soy is just as dangerous as any other ingredient found in fast foods.

    • Yes. YES. YESSSSS. Thank you for posting, Art. I agree whole heartedly. – Rena

      • I had no idea this page was a blog at first. I was just thinking about the fact that soy is in everything just like HFCS. It always seemed a bit sketchy to me. Anyways, I made a search on google about soy factors. Long story short i landed here which im glad i did, thank you for putting all your time and life to this and also for sharing all this information/research you gathered. You sure saved me alot of time of investigation. Not happy with what you went and have to go through but in a way your story and research is not only helping me but alot of others too. Thank You once again, Hope all is well. God Bless You.

  3. Do you have Chipotle where you live? They are delicious and super fresh and claim to use no dairy or soy in any of their products except the sour cream and cheese (obviously). They have been my bread and butter while I’ve been milk and soy free while breastfeeding my baby who has MSPI.

  4. Sometimes I thinks restaurants and food processing companies use soy as an ingredient just because “everyone else is doing it!” And it’s so annoying. I actually now hate edemame and all it stands for! My daughter is two and has a soy/peanut allergy and I see it in lots of the products we would use. A couple of good resources (if you have an iPhone/iPad): shopwell app will help you identify products safe for you and where they are sold based on your dietary requirements (free app); the allergen menu app will help you find restaurants near your location/city and show the percentage of the menu that is allergy safe and show the safe menu and full menu ($.99 cents). These have been Godsends, especially the shopwell app! Thanks for your blog. Good luck!

  5. I noticed in a different blog you mentioned having diet pop, i didn’t think we could have diet pop as soy free?

  6. Thanks for the information!!I too must avoid soy and milk, along with eggs and now wheat. The only thing i feel safe having at Mcdonalds is iced tea. I have been struggling with the changes but I have learned to carry my own salad dressing and snacks and soy-free earth balance. It took me a while to find out what was making me sick and then I had to get out of the habit of assuming that something didn’t have soy in it unless it was obvious. Being an older adult I was completely baffled as to why these things were making me sick and I saw several allergists before I finally got an answer. I was just hoping for a few years of allergy shots but my condition was definitively diagnosed three weeks ago as eosinophilic gastroenteropathy


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