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Welcome to “A Soy and Milk-Free Life”!

Hello my fellow soy and milk-challenged friends,

Today, rather than crying over the foods I cannot eat, longing for a scoop of ice-cream, fettucini Alfredo, or a bowl of warm salted edamame, I decided to channel my energies into helping otherwise normal people like me to find solutions for their dietary restrictions. Specifically, I want to help others learn what I’ve learned about living soy and milk-free over the past year.

I finally got so fed up with my allergic reactions and having to use medications that I decided I really have no choice but to give into a soy and milk-free lifestyle. It’s not what I would have chosen for myself if I were not allergic, but I’m certain this choice will lead me to wellness. I’m sure you’ve already discovered, this is a challenging (and expensive) process…and my learning curve has been steep.

After all this work and expense, I feel it is my duty to pass along what I’ve learned…I’m hoping this information will help people struggling with similar food issues as mine. Frankly, the effort to write this blog would be completely worth it if I am able to help just one person find some relief from their allergies or food sensitivities! And, perhaps you will feel free to share some of ¬†your findings with me too…let’s help each other through this!

I plan to address issues like what to eat and what to avoid, skin/hair care products, vitamins, how to order when eating out, and ways to feel somewhat normal while making extreme choices.

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Since starting this blog, I’ve poured myself into photography. Please feel free to check out my work: and “Rena Petrello Photography” on Facebook.