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A Simple Chicken, Kale, and Orange Salad (Soy and Milk-Free)

I have been salad-deprived. Mainly because I haven’t been to the market in way-too-long and so I’ve been eating out a lot more than usual. Salad dressings in restaurants usually contain dairy and/or soy, and I am not one to eat a salad without dressing…so, I order other things.

I finally made time to go to Whole Foods Market. I was happy to discover that Whole Foods sells warm baked whole chicken dressed with allergen-free seasoning or no seasoning at all. Today I bought a whole chicken that was only seasoned with sea salt and pepper. I decided that I would use my own Rena-safe seasonings to spice up the chicken when I got home.

Actually, I cheated. I made this kale, chicken, and orange slices salad with some Trader Giatto’s Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing. It is my favorite and I call it my “crack” dressing since I can’t get enough of it, and it’s made with canola oil instead of soybean oil.

A simple salad…in a pretty bowl. What would have made this salad perfect is if I had crumbled up some graham cracker sticks (instead of croutons). They taste so good with the vinaigrette and kale! I would have added some this time but I had just eaten a small bagful of them on my way home from the market (I was starving), so I didn’t want the extra calories by adding more to the salad. Here’s the brand I use: Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks, which are soy and milk-free.

Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks

Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks: soy and milk-free

Even without the graham sticks it was a delicious salad. I feel healthier already.

Snacks to Replace the Soy and Milk-Filled Ones We Love

A quick blog for you. My toddler and I love to eat snacks. Here are three we love:

1) Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks are great! They taste just like the other brands of graham crackers, but without the soy and milk ingredients. In fact, you can’t go wrong with a store-bought snack that contains just three simple ingredients:¬†Wheat Flour, Graham Flour, & Honey. We eat these as-is. I also break them up and use them in place of croutons on my salad (it tastes GREAT with kale, apple slices, and balsamic vinaigrette). I found these at Whole Foods Market and Trader Joes.

Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks

Back to Nature Honey Graham Sticks contain just three ingredients: Wheat Flour, Graham Flour, & Honey

Also, look for the Back to Nature brand Crispy Wheat Crackers. They rival the taste of Wheat Thins (without the soy)! I’d show you a picture of them, but they disappear quickly in my house. Instead, I’ll leave you with a link to their website.

Back to Nature Crispy Wheat Crackers

Note: Not all Back to Nature crackers are soy and milk-free, so be sure to read the labels.

2) My boy and I have missed Ritz Crackers (which contain soy). But we found a great alternative by Trader Joe’s brand, Golden Rounds Crackers. They are slightly more dry than Ritz, but same overall flavor.

Trader Joe's Golden Rounds Crackers

Trader Joe's Golden Rounds Crackers - a great replacement for soy-filled Ritz Crackers

3) And because sorbets usually have dairy, frozen fruit bars are a great alternative. I found this one at Trader Joe’s: 365 Mango Frozen Fruit Bars.

365 Mango Frozen Fruit Bars

365 Mango Frozen Fruit Bars

OR, you can make your own frozen treats! My son and I found a super-hero-FUN ice cube tray at a local comic book store.

Batman Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Batman Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Together, we fill the tray with grape juice or apple juice and put it into the freezer for a few hours. The tray is made from silicone so, the “cubes” pop out easily. Since there are no popsicle-like handles for this frozen treat, I end up chopping them up in a bowl for him to eat with a spoon, but only after he admires the frozen Batman logo and gets a chance to yell, “Batman!!” a few times. It’s one of his favorite treats – and it’s only frozen juice!

In Wellness!